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Our Services

Hovafly offer a range of aerial tech solutions specific and tailored to the construction and property sectors

Aerial Inspections and Surveys

Our Aerial Inspections and Surveys represent a superior alternative to traditional access options such as scaffolding, cherry pickers and scissor lifts. Drone-based aerial inspection offers a highly cost-effective, time-saving, and vastly safer data capture solution.

Our drones can capture 360 degree data in a variety of outputs (video, still image, thermal etc.) of any structure or environment that enables us to provide our clients with a complete understanding of their asset, which in turn empowers better, more sustainable decision-making.

Our extensive construction experience means our Aerial Inspections and Surveys can often identify issues that other drone survey companies may miss.

Drone Surveys London
Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging offers a fast, cost-effective and highly accurate method for identifying building performance issues that are often not visible to the naked eye, while also being a non-destructive process.

Thermal imaging technology visually identifies missing and insufficient insulation, air leakage, moisture and water ingress, and many other construction defects that can materially affect the overall performance of a building structure.

With energy saving fast becoming the priority for many property stakeholders, thermal imaging is set to play a material role in construction and property management. All of our thermal imaging pilots are category 1 qualified.


Our drones use high-resolution cameras with various specialist sensors to capture data that enables the construction of detailed, centimetre-accurate 3D and 2D maps and models, which can also include thermal data information.

Analysis has shown that this method of data collection is circa 90% faster than traditional manual methods, which of course brings a multitude of time and cost-saving benefits.

Captured data can be processed through drone mapping software to create a range of assets that deliver valuable information such as highly-accurate measurements and volumetric calculations.

Drone-enabled mapping offers a diverse range of solutions to the construction, infrastructure, real estate, land surveying, mining and agricultural sectors.

Drone Mapping
Creative Media

Creative Media

Aerial media provides an immersive experience that ground media alone cannot provide. We utilise both ground and aerial media capture in order to create beautiful and compelling output that can help inform and promote construction projects, land and property sales, and much more.

We can provide raw media or a fully edited video production complete with dynamic audio which can be musical, narrative, real world, or a mixture of all. The possibilities are endless!