Data from Above

Hovafly are aerial surveyors.
We specialise in providing high quality, cost-effective roof surveys to residential property management companies.

We capture hi-res data and deliver a mission-specific, dynamic condition report together with a full image data set and targeted action advice for every roof.

Our in-house surveyors and drone pilots, together with our multi-asset pricing model, allow us to offer our clients a per unit survey cost that is usually far cheaper than traditional surveyors.

Our aim is to help property management companies fulfil their insurance compliance and SLA obligations easily and cost-effectively, whilst providing valuable insight into their roof spaces.

Why we are different..

Commercial Drone Services

A cost-effective business model

Unlike many of our competitiors (surveyors and drone operators who have to employ each other to offer an aerial survey) we have both our inspection and analysis teams in-house.

A cost-effective pricing model

When our clients instruct more than one survey within a reasonable proximity to each other it enables us to make inspection cost savings that we can pass on to the client - typically 15-20% on all instructions.

Dynamic deliverables

Our reports aren't based upon traditional survey outputs. We deliver mission-specific, graphic reports with targeted action advice. We also deliver a full hi-res image data set with every survey.

£10.29 per unit*

Our in-house team together with our multi-asset pricing model means we are usually far cheaper than traditional surveyors. We can spread our inspection and reporting costs evenly across all assets, making things affordable for leaseholders, and an easy sell for the PM.